Sunday, March 28, 2010


Kolobrzeg Lighthouse. Located on the Parsęta River on the south coast of the Baltic Sea. The 26 m (85 ft) round cylindrical brick tower (built in 1948) rises from a large round eighteenth-century fortification.


Donaghadee Lighthouse. 16 m (53 ft) limestone white tower built in 1836 and located at the end of the South Pier at Donaghadee, Northern Ireland.


Gorliz Lighthouse marks the landscape of Cape Villano (Cabo Billano) atop a steep slope on Monte Ermua. The 21 m (69 ft) 10-sided cylindrical concrete white tower was built in 1991.


Oostende Lighthouse (nickname “Long Nelle”) is a 58 m (190 ft) cylindrical tower built between 1947 and 1949, located at Oostende harbour.


Blackrock Sligo Lighthouse. 25 m (83 ft) round stone tower, painted white with a single black horizontal band,  located on a rocky islet, near Sligo Harbour, est coast of Ireland.


Wicklow Head Low Lighthouse. 14 m (46 ft) round white stone tower ( flanked by a two 2-story keeper's house), located in the Wicklow County, easternmost point on the mainland of Ireland.


Aranmore Lighthouse. 23 m (75 ft) white round stone tower (flanked by a 2-story keeper's house),  located at Aranmore island, on the west coast of Ireland.