Saturday, August 28, 2010


Located just north of Florida, Georgia has a relatively short Atlantic coastline with six surviving historic lighthouses (3 active). The coastline is low, featuring a series of sandy islands known in Georgia as the Sea Islands.
Sapelo Island Lighthouse is located near the southern tip of Sapelo Island, near Meridian, Georgia. It is the nation's second-oldest brick lighthouse and was built in 1820.
The Cockspur Island Light is a small lighthouse (46 ft = 14 m), round brick tower built in 1848. It is situated on an islet off Cockspur Island at the south channel of the Savannah River near Lazaretto Creek.
Tybee Island lighthouse is the oldest and tallest lighthouse in Georgia: the 145 ft (44 m) black and white octagonal brick tower was finally completed in 1867. It is located on the south side of the Savannah River entrance, in Tybee Island.