Saturday, August 13, 2011


 Vlissingen is a city in the southwestern Netherlands in Zeeland province. With its strategic location between the Scheldt River and the North Sea, Vlissingen has been an important harbour for centuries and has a rich maritime heritage. In the 17th century Vlissingen was a main harbour for ships of the Dutch East India Company. Vlissingen is mainly noted for the wharves on the Scheldt where most of the ships of the Royal Netherlands Navy (Koninklijke Marine) are built.
 Vlissingen is the birthplace of Michiel de Ruyter, the most famous and one of the most skilled admirals in Dutch history. On March 24, 2007 the city celebrated with a large ship parade, the 400th anniversary of birth of its famous citizen.
The 11 m (36 ft) pentagonal pyramidal red cast iron lighthouse is located on the west mole on the Boulevard de Ruyter, marking the entrance to the old commercial harbor (Koopmanshaven) of Vlissingen.