Saturday, November 5, 2011


The island of Sylt is located on the German North Sea coast, in the area known as North Frisia, near the Danish border. North Frisia is part of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany's northernmost state. This area was ruled by Denmark until 1864. There are three surviving lighthouses established under Danish rule on the island of Sylt.  The List West Lighthouse is one of these lighthouses built in 1858 by the Danish government to guide ships through the channel between Sylt and the adjacent (and still Danish) island of Rømø. The 11 m (36 ft) white cast iron tower is the northernmost lighthouse in Germany and also the oldest lighthouse on the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein. Automated in 1977, the light is located at a long sand spit which is a protected natural area, at the northwest corner of the island.   55° 03` 10" N  008° 24` 05" E