Saturday, November 12, 2011


Pellworm is one of the North Frisian Islands on the North Sea coast of Germany. The landscape of the south side of the island is dominated by the 41 m (135 ft) round cast iron tower, painted red with one white horizontal band. Built in 1907, the lighthouse was assembled from 600 individual steel components and held together by 16,000 bolts. This tower is practically identical to two other lighthouses in North Friesland: the Hörnum on Sylt and Westheversand, on the Eiderstedt peninsula). Since it was first commissioned in 1907, Pellworm lighthouse has been electrically powered and was automated in 1977. In August 2002, the original Fresnel lens has been replaced by a modern light cannon with a six-time-changer, whose halogen bulbs burn for 2000 hours. The 2-story keeper's house is used as a registrar's office; this lighthouse, like Westheversand, is popular for weddings. During the summer season, the lighthouse is open for guided tours when you can ascend the 140 steps to the double gallery (54° 29' 46'' N 008° 39' 57'' E).