Saturday, February 16, 2013


Vlieland is one of the West Frisian Islands lying in the Wadden Sea, in the northern Netherlands. The Vuurduin Lighthouse is located at the Vuurboetsduin (Beaconfire Dune), the highest elevation (42 meters) on the island (53°17′45″N 5°03′30″E).
In November 1836 a light station was established in Vlieland, but in 1909 it was decided that the tower had to be replaced by a larger one. The present lighthouse was constructed using the upper portion of the 1879 IJmuiden Front Lighthouse. The upper 16 meters of the mainland tower were unscrewed and moved to Vlieland, to be placed on a new foundation. Simultaneously with the tower were also the optics and lamp which were first lit on March 22, 1909.  The 17 m round red cast iron tower is attached to an observation tower built in 1929. The site is open daily and is accessible by ferry from Harlingen. Bus transportation is provided on Vlieland since visitors cannot bring vehicles to the island.